Long before the current trend in “going green,” auto salvage yards have been recycling autos and their parts for resale or to be used in re-manufacturing. In the average car, more than 80% of its weight can be recycled to stay out of landfills.

Auto salvage businesses play a crucial role in keeping our planet green, by taking any and all usable parts off vehicles before they are crushed. Auto recycling begins by removing any valuable materials that can be sold as used auto parts. These can include glass, wiring, engine parts, under-chassis and suspension parts. Even some external parts like bumpers can be salvaged for resale.

After removing these parts, the car or truck is put into a shredder, to break the remaining material into small pieces, which will make it easier to separate the various metals from other materials like rubber, plastic and glass. Auto recycling also entails disposing of toxic materials that should be kept from landfills like car batteries, gas, oil, coolant and refrigerant.

Following the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” mantra, most auto salvage companies also have a retail business to sell used auto parts to the general public. Thanks to auto recycling, consumers can find a good deal on parts like doors, fenders, hoods and bumpers, head lights and tail lights, seats, radios, alternators, fuel injectors and shocks and struts.

Most auto salvage companies take in all types of vehicles and will have parts for both foreign and domestic cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. Auto parts are usually available for cars of all ages, including same-year models. By stocking parts for so many vehicles, they are able to help consumers participate in auto recycling no matter what make, model or year of car they are trying to repair.

Because auto salvage is such a specialized industry, the staff at auto recycling centers are experts and are able to help consumers find the exact part, or a suitable alternative, for their needs. They also inspect all parts before offering them for resale and will often provide a limited warranty for materials they sell.

Whether you are in need of quality used auto parts or have a car or truck you would like to recycle, working with an auto salvage company will save you money, and help save environmental resources through a responsible and efficient process of reusing and recycling.

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